Advanced Training ACJ
Stars from 8 of June 2020
Mojo Training 20.01.2020
During the practical sessions, the students learned from AGORA journalists how to record live interviews, launch breaking news and promote the media content in social networks.
What you'll get
Lesson 1
Basic principles in Social Media
Lesson 2
Storytelling in Social Media
Lesson 3
Storytelling live on Facebook
Lesson 4
Collaboration with different types of people in Social Media (influencers, haters). Managing negative comments
Lesson 5
Multimedia content creation tools and platforms
Lesson 6
Digital storytelling and crisis communication
Lesson 7
Recordin. Principles of recordin. Filming a personal storytelling.
Lesson 8
Film editing
Lesson 9
Audience analysis and building the content structure of personal web page
Lesson 10
Audience analysis and building the content plan on social networks
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